Notifications during the five last years about the EPN stations streaming real-time data.
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No Date Author Subject
0054 22-Oct-2019 Ambrogio Manzino TORI00ITA receiver change
0053 20-Apr-2019 Jacek Kudrys KRAW: receiver replace
No Date Author Subject
0052 25-Sep-2018 Giuseppe Colucci ASI caster registration
0051 20-Aug-2018 EPN CB/E. Pottiaux Maintenance of the ROB broadcaster euref-ip.be - Tuesday 21/08/2018
0050 25-Jul-2018 C. Bruyninx Service interruption of EPN broadcaster operated by ROB
0049 19-Jun-2018 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO - maintenance on 21/06/2018 (DOY 172)
0048 11-Apr-2018 C.Bruyninx, E.Pottiaux New mountpoint names at ROB caster
0047 05-Feb-2018 Manuela Vasconcelos CASC, FLRS, FUNC, GAIA, LAGO and PDEL: down between 2018-02-14 and 2018-02-23
No Date Author Subject
0046 25-Aug-2017 EPN CB/C.Bruyninx New RTCM 3.2/3.3 streams and mountpoint renaming
0045 30-Mar-2017 E.Pottiaux/C.Bruyninx Renewal of SSL certificate of the ROB caster euref-ip.be
No Date Author Subject
0044 16-Jun-2016 C.Bruyninx Correction: BRUX1 stopped and not BRUX0
0043 16-Jun-2016 C. Bruyninx BRUX0 (raw) stopped and BRUX7 (RTCM3.2) activated
No Date Author Subject
0042 02-Nov-2015 Dzevad Krdzalic SRJV: data unavailability
0041 07-Sep-2015 C.Bruyninx DOUR and WARE: Messages added to real-time data stream
0040 25-Aug-2015 Wolfgang Soehne Real-time data of EPN station BRMF available
0039 29-Jul-2015 Wolfgang Soehne EPN station ZARA: RTCM 3.0 instead 2.3
0038 29-Jul-2015 Wolfgang Soehne Real-time data of EPN station SUN6 available
0037 27-Jul-2015 Wolfgang Soehne Real-time data of EPN station PAT0 available
0036 11-May-2015 Wolfgang Soehne RTCM message type 1006 values incorrect for several mountpoints
0035 11-May-2015 Wolfgang Soehne RTCM message type 1007 values incorrect for several mountpoints
0034 07-May-2015 Wolfgang Soehne HUEL0: antenna type corrected
0033 14-Apr-2015 W. Soehne, C. Bruyninx Guidelines for EPN Broadcasters
0032 20-Mar-2015 Carine Bruyninx and Wolfgang Soehne Welcome (back): Reviving EUREF-IP mailing list
No Date Author Subject
0031 18-Jun-2014 Manuela Vasconcelos GAIA: antenna replacement
No Date Author Subject
0030 07-May-2013 Giancarlo Cerretto IENG: Real-Time data unavailability
0029 06-Mar-2013 Manuela Vasconcelos CASC, FLRS, FUNC, GAIA, LAGO and PDEL: temporary unavailable DOY 073 - DOY 075
No Date Author Subject
0028 13-Dec-2012 Manuela Vasconcelos CASC, FLRS, FUNC, GAIA, LAGO and PDEL: temporary unavailable
0027 23-Aug-2012 Jean Paul CARDALIAGUET KOUG Station - data lost
No Date Author Subject
0026 17-May-2011 Manuela Vasconcelos CASC: ADSL failure
0025 21-Feb-2011 Manuela Vasconcelos PDEL: complete power failure
No Date Author Subject
0024 06-Dec-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO: communication failure
0023 12-Nov-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos CASC, FLRS, FUNC, GAIA, LAGO, PDEL: no real-time data for DOY 317
0022 20-Oct-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos PDEL: communication failure
0021 08-Mar-2010 Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: change of real-time stream format
0020 05-Mar-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO: working again
0019 26-Feb-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO: the antenna flew
0018 24-Feb-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO: not working
0017 05-Feb-2010 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO: receiver replacement
No Date Author Subject
No Date Author Subject
0016 15-Oct-2008 Manuela Vasconcelos LAGO out of work
0015 07-Apr-2008 Manuela Vasconcelos PDEL: change of the equipment
0014 14-Mar-2008 Ambrogio Maria Manzino and Alberto Cina TORI: receiver change
0013 13-Mar-2008 JOZ2/ L.Kujawa Receiver change on JOZ2
No Date Author Subject
0012 17-Aug-2007 Lars Jamtnas KIR0, MAR6, ONSA: New real-time streams
0011 20-Jul-2007 Miguel A. Cano ZARA: radome removed
0010 28-Mar-2007 Miguel A. Cano VIGO header incosistence
0009 27-Mar-2007 Miguel A. Cano VIGO: receiver changed
0008 27-Mar-2007 Miguel A. Cano ACOR: receiver and antenna changed
0007 27-Mar-2007 G. Weber EUREF-IP White Paper available from EPN CB
0006 07-Feb-2007 Miguel A. Cano ALME: receiver change
No Date Author Subject
0005 06-Dec-2006 Denise Dettmering Highrate Observations in Near Realtime from NTRIP data streams
0004 05-Dec-2006 EPN CB/C. Bruyninx Update of EPN guidelines
0003 01-Dec-2006 Georg Weber & Leos Mervart Real-Time GNSS: Multi-Stream NTRIP Client/Converter
0002 20-Nov-2006 EPN CB/ C. Bruyninx and G. Weber Welcome
0001 09-Nov-2006 EPN CB/C. Bruyninx Mail exploder for EUREF-IP