The LAC mailing list is primarily used to exchange emails among analysis centres contributing to the EUREF products.

EPN analysis centres are expected to subscribe to the LAC mailing list.

The procedure to use the LAC Mail is :

How to receive LAC mail

If you want to subscribe, contact EPN CB. Please send any changes of the e-mail address to

How to unsubscribe

If you want to unsubscribe, contact again EPN CB.

How to send a LAC mail

  • Prepare a message text to be sent to LAC Mail. Your mailing program has to be configured to create this text in plain text format (do not use HTML format). For security reasons, e-mails attachments will be discarded from the mail before distribution.

    This text has to contain in the first line a so-called author line beginning flush left with "Author:" and followed by the name of the author.
    Example: Author: Carine Bruyninx

    A missing author line as first line of the message text will prevent the mail exploder to process the mail properly.

  • Send this text to The subject field presented by your mailing program has to be filled out ... without single or double quote characters! An empty subject field in the mail will prevent the mail exploder to process the mail!

  • Within 30 min the mail exploder will automatically forward your message to all addresses contained in a distribution list maintained by EPN CB. The message will be numbered and preceeded by a standard header. It will also show the contents of the subject line, so it is not necessary that you repeat the subject in the message body yourself.