The table below lists the agencies involved in the analysis of the EPN. Only analysis centres with AC forms available from the EPN CB are listed. In case your agency is not listed and is analysing EPN data as a contribution to one of the EPN products, then please complete the blank AC form and send it to the EPN CB (epncb @

Positions/Tropospheric Parameters
Final (weekly/daily) Rapid Ultra Rapid Repro 1 Repro 2
ASI (Italy)xxxxx
BEK (Germany)xxx
BEV (Austria)x
BKG (Germany)xxxx
COE (Switzerland)x
DEO (The Netherlands)Fx
GFZ (Germany)x
GOP (Czech Republic)Fxx
IGE (Spain)xxxx
IGN (France)xx
LPT (Switzerland)xxxxx
MUT (Poland)xxx
NKG (Sweden)xx
OLG (Austria)Fx
RGA (Serbia)x
ROB (Belgium)xxx
SGO (Hungary)xxx
SUT (Slovakia)xxxx
UPA (Italy)xxx
WUT (Poland)xxx