The EPN Central Bureau (EPN CB) offers some web services through RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) that allows to interact with EPN CB purely as data or information which can be downloaded or searched via HTTP(S) requests.

These requests basically allows to GET resources on a remote server. These resources are identified via URLs (=uniform resource locator) which usually consists of a protocol (e.g. https), a domain (e.g., a path (e.g. /api/production/ExcludedStations), and query parameters (e.g. /2132 as GPSWeek).

The Application Programming Interfaces of the EPN CB have been defined with the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and could be used from different tools, libraries and languages (e.g. PHP, Perl, Python). The following Swagger User Interface (Swagger UI) allows to visualize and interact with the EPN CB APIs and their related documentation.