EPN positions and zenith tropospheric delays resulting from the routine data analysis are affected by reference frame changes and upgrades of modelling and software packages. Consequently, consistent results over time can only be generated by a reprocessing of the EPN using one unique data analysis strategy. This reprocessing is coordinated by the Chair of the EPN Reprocessing Working Group and is repeated at regular intervals.

Finalized: 2016
Data included: Full EPN network
Period: EPN Jan. 1996 - Dec. 2013 (GPS week 834 – 1773), but unitl Dec. 2014 for the tropospheric products (GPS week 1824)


The entire EPN was analysed by several ACs. Later in the procedure the daily/weekly solutions of each AC were combined into one solution. One goal of EPN-Repro2 was to provide several solutions for the entire network based on one software type. Therefore three ACs (ASI, GOP, and MUT) processed the entire network with one of the three different GNSS analysis packages used in the EPN analysis (ASI: GIPSY, GOP: Bernese, and MUT: GAMIT). In addition two subnetworks processed with Bernese have been provided by IGE and LPT. Each analysis centre provided one or several solutions that where uploaded to the data server of the BKG. Details on the different solutions provided by the ACs can be found in this document.

Analysis Centre Products

Combined Products

Weekly and daily combined EPN stations positions

Combined troposphere parameters

Participating Analysis Centres

Analysis Centre Network Software Period
Centro di Geodesia Spaziale, Italy Full EPN GIPSY 6.2 1996-2014
Geodetic Observatory Pecny, Czech Republic Full EPN Bernese 5.2 1996-2014
Instituto Geografico Nacional, Spain Subnetwork Bernese 5.2 1996-2014
Swisstopo, Switzerland Subnetwork Bernese 5.2 1996-2013
Military University of Technology, Poland Full EPN GAMIT 10.5 1996-2014

The project is coordinated by the BEK, Commission for Geodesy and Glaciology, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Data Analysis Procedure

Consistent with the routine EPN analysis procedure, see "Guidelines for EPN Analysis Centres" (epn_08.atx antenna calibration, IGb08 reference frame).


Benchmark Results

Finalized: May 2014
Data included: see map
Period: GPS week 1677 - 1680, 28 daily solutions, 4 weekly solution

The benchmark test for EPN-Repro2 was carried out in order to study the performance of the three software packages Bernese, GAMIT and GIPSY. This test was used to test different mapping functions for the troposphere, the impact of antenna PCV, multi GNSS (Bernese only), and the correction of the ionosphere using 2nd-order corrections. Only a subnetwork of the EPN has been selected for the benchmark test.

Participating Analysis Centres:
Analysis Centre Code Software
Centro di Geodesia Spaziale, Italy ASI GIPSY 6.2
Commission for Geodesy and Glaciology (former Bayerische Kommission für die Internationale Erdmessung), Germany BEK Bernese 5.2
Military University of Technology, Poland MUT GAMIT 10.5