SVTL00RUS (Svetloe)

ZTD radiosonde biases


  • Validate EUREF combined Zenith Path Delay (ZPD) parameters with ZPD derived from radiosonde (RS) data at co-located sites
  • Variations and differences are influenced by the horizontal distance between the two stations
  • Time series of differences reflect changes in analysis strategy


  • Download of RS data provided by EUMETNET, based on the EUREF-EUMETNET MoU
  • Processing ZPD parameters (software provided by H. Vedel, Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI))
  • Geoid undulations at co-located sites are taken into account
  • Differences at co-located sites for identical points in time

GNSS Solutions

  • Results from GPS weeks 834 (1996) until 1824 (2014) are based on EPN-repro2 results.
  • Results from GPS weeks 1825 (2015) until present are coming from the routine data analysis